Note: several stories in Gathering Storm Magazine and The Perch are not suitable for bedtime reading.

  • “Rivers of Babylon” in 2017 issue of di-vêrsé-city, adult anthology of the Austin International Poetry Festival.
  • “The Grammar of Juggling” in Red River Review, August 2017 issue, #30. Near the bottom the first section/page is a link to previous issues.
  • “There is No Before Cancer” in Illya’s Honey, Summer 2016 issue (a mistake, it was 2017), #25. Near the bottom of the page is a link to the previous issues.
  • “Shape Shifter” in Gathering Storm Magazine, Year 1, Issue 5, page 8.
  • “Grey Brother” in The Perch, fourth issue, page 18 (click on front cover image).


  • “Coyote Blues” in Spring 1999 issue of Buffalo Bones.


  • “Knowledge of Rain” and “Blue Nite” in Buffalo Bones.
  • “Descending Angel” in Mediphors.
  • “Blues I” and “Blues II” in The Montserrat Review, Issue 1, Spring 1998.
  • “Coyote Hunts” in  The Montserrat Review, Issue 2.


  • “Coyote in Berkeley” and “Coyote’s Jazz” in REED Magazine.