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When Things Go Wrong with You

As the line from the old blues song puts it, \”When things go wrong with you, it hurts me too.\” This is the original meaning of compassion—to suffer with. Or as Bill Clinton put it, \”I feel your pain.\” Most … Continue reading

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Your Brain at Work

What I bought Your Brain at Work for is summed up in the subtitle, “Strategies for overcoming distraction, regaining focus, and working smarter all day long.” What I found it most useful for was meditation.It describes the neuro-chemistry and biology … Continue reading

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Teaching Challenges I

Part of my job as a teacher is to challenge students to help them develop. To do that, the challenge needs to be both reachable and a stretch. The usual way to do that is to put obstacles in their … Continue reading

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Power to the (Lay) People

In 21st Century America, meditation is almost synonymous with Buddhist practice for both monastics and lay people. It wasn\’t always that way. And still isn\’t in much of the Buddhist world. Meditation en Masse in Tricycle magazine tells the reaction … Continue reading

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