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8&Roast: Sunflower espresso blend

8&Roast is a local (Nashville) coffee roaster. They have a number of seasonal and year-round blends and single origin varietals. Sunflower is year round, but the blend changes. The current blend is 50% pulped natural from Brazil, 25% washed from … Continue reading

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Review: “Monstrous Regiment” by Terry Pratchett

“Monstrous Regiment” is a Discworld novel. The protagonist, Polly, is the bar maid in her family’s inn. In her country, only men can inherit. With her brother off to war, the family inn will pass to a distant relative if … Continue reading

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Too Freshly Ground

Two weeks ago I bought a bag of Starbucks Espresso Roast. The Best By date was over 6 months in the future. It tasted lousy. I set it aside and bought another with Best By date 5 months in the … Continue reading

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Vanilla extract in coffee

Most coffee shops have vanilla syrup. They are often full of preservatives and artificial flavors. At home we use vanilla extract instead. We’ve found it best to put it in the milk before steaming. This evaporates most of the alcohol … Continue reading

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Lavazza: Espresso Italiano

This is nice coffee, but mild. It is sweet like the Mean Mug beans but not as strong and not as distinct tasting notes. This is the first beans I’ve encountered that is visibly a blend, not all beans are … Continue reading

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Mean Mug: Espresso

Mean Mug is four coffeehouses and a coffee roaster in Chattanooga TN. Publix in Nashville carries the espresso beans on an end cap of Tennessee products. My bag listed Brazil, Guatemala, and Tanzania beans. The cupping notes I remember are: … Continue reading

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“Age of Uncurable Disease” published

Texas Poetry Assignment has published my poem in the category of Texas Age.

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“A Week of Shootings” published

Topical Poetry has published my poem about a week’s worth of shootings of people who made innocent, but fatal mistakes. This past week has been worse. Several mass shootings of people whose mistake seems to be only being in the … Continue reading

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Bongo: Mystic Dark

Bongo is a local (Nashville TN) coffee roaster. I first encountered it at the Green Hills Whole Foods as brewed coffee. I pumped out a half cup and it ran out. The other coffee was Allegro’s Café La Dueña. Mixed, … Continue reading

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Phase of the Moons of Saturn

This is a phrase used by programmers to describe some phenomenon that presumably is predictable but the pattern is so complicated that its occurrence is hard to predict with a lot of analysis and calculation.

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