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Espresso Romano Riposato

Italian for rested Rome style espresso. Espresso in Italian means pressed as in coffee pressed into the porta-filter, extracted by pressure, and express, i.e. quickly. We been experimenting with espresso romano, espresso with lemon peel and optionally sugar. We’ve found … Continue reading

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Jazz Writing

The Art of Jazz: Learning to Co-Write with a Partner arrived in my e-mail box just after someone else’s draft in a writing group we share struck me as having a lot of potential to go in several ways. Rather … Continue reading

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What Takes To Do a TEDx Talk

The editors of Loud Coffee Press entered the competition to do a Western New England University TEDx Talk. In a recent post they shared the process of moving from idea to “show time”. It is a process the TEDx Talk … Continue reading

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Reimagining democracy as a work of love

I’ve tried in poems, prose, essays, and action to articulate a way of moving beyond the over-partisanized politics in Texas and the United States (see my Social Justice category). Reimagining democracy as a work of love by Luke Roberts does … Continue reading

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Learning to Pray – Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is one of my favorite writers on the creative process. I’ve bought several of his books and read his blog.He shares bits of his work and parts of his process. Learning to Pray hit me from out of … Continue reading

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Tale of Two Cities

Laurence Musgrove’s newest project is Texas Poetry Assignments. He previously published my poem, The Work of Inauguration. Today he published Tale of Two Cities on the Capitol Riots of January 6, 2020. Reading it in light of subsequent news (stolen … Continue reading

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Mindfully Leaving

When I lived as a kid in Larkspur, California, it was a middle class town in an upper class county (2nd or 3rd highest per capita income in the US). I’ve visited several times in the decades since and watched … Continue reading

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Editing Advice

Beneath the Skin: Levels of Editing Poems, a guest post by Marilyn McCabe is one of the better sets of advice I’d run across on how to improve a draft. Applies to prose too. She elaborates three levels: text on … Continue reading

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Who was that masked man?

I wanted to thank him. tagline from the Lone Ranger TV series. Has a different connotation these days. Older people in Austin, TX are pretty good about having a mask though not always wearing it properly. Younger people in our … Continue reading

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The Win is Not Always to the Strongest

I recently had one poem accepted out of a batch of three. It wasn’t the strongest poem and I felt a little odd. On reading the published journal, I found it fit in just fine. The editors acknowledge in their … Continue reading

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