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Phase of the Moons of Saturn

This is a phrase used by programmers to describe some phenomenon that presumably is predictable but the pattern is so complicated that its occurrence is hard to predict with a lot of analysis and calculation.

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Holy Mother w/ Eric Clapton, Luciano Pavarotti

“Holy Mother” was written many years ago when Clapton was having a very dark time. I hadn’t heard it until recently. There is another video of the song on YouTube without Pavarotti. It’s good but the one (if the link … Continue reading

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Tough Beans

I have a hand grinder so I am aware of the effort needed to grind various beans. There is quite a bit of variation. Starbucks Espresso Roast (medium dark) and Italian Roast (more dark) are the easiest. Allegro Espresso Sierra … Continue reading

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Espresso: the pros vs. the home team

As I improve my espresso skills, I’ve learned that shortcomings are more obvious is straight espresso. Adding milk (including non-dairy milks and creamers) masks a lot. Every espresso I’ve tried, mine or baristas’, is bitter forward. In many that is … Continue reading

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Unobtainium Espresso

We had some very nice lattes today at District Coffee in the design district of Nashville. Their brewed coffee comes from 8th and Roast. I’ve passed the store and seen bags in local supermarkets. Their espresso drinks are made with … Continue reading

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Illy: Classico

This is our favorite espresso so far. Beyond the usual espresso taste, it has a vegetal undertone, like green bell peppers. It is decent as drip coffee. My only complaint is that it on the weak side. I add 8 … Continue reading

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In Defense of Fresh & Clean

Texas Poetry Assignment published my poem In Defense of Fresh & Clean. The purpose of the assignment was to ask writers to submit new work that defends in the special art and language of poetry a belief, person, time, place, … Continue reading

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Dark and Darker

It was a invention born out of necessity and/or accident. I ran out of the darker roast and added the dark roast to make a double shot for a latte with half Starbucks Espresso Roast (dark) and half Starbucks Italian … Continue reading

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Intelligentsia: Black Cat Espresso – Resolved

The Sip Coffeehouse article on Sour Espresso gets specific: suggests 2 grams less coffee for lighter roasts (no scale so I used scant scoops) and 20-30 seconds to pull a double shot. Intelligentsia shows a picture (on right) of the … Continue reading

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Espresso Cups aren’t Uniform

As the picture above shows, not all espresso cups are the same size. Each has a double shot (2oz/60ml) of water in it.

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