Bongo: Mystic Dark

Bongo is a local (Nashville TN) coffee roaster. I first encountered it at the Green Hills Whole Foods as brewed coffee. I pumped out a half cup and it ran out. The other coffee was Allegro’s Café La Dueña. Mixed, they were very good. So next time I was ready to try something new, I bought a bag at my local Kroger. They have a separate section devoted to local roasters. (I’ve tried Café La Dueña before and don’t care for it.)

As espresso, Mystic Dark is similar to Illy Classico, Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso, and Stumptown Hair Bender. They all are medium roasts, taste milder than Starbucks’ Espresso and Italian Roast (dark and darker roasts), and have a vegetal undertone (like green bell peppers or occasionally celery). I am beginning to think I should cut the amount of (non-diary) milk. I find that I prefer this over Starbucks Espresso Roast in the afternoon. Mornings vary with the mood I’m in (or the “phase of the moons of Saturn“).

As brewed coffee, it is similar but even milder. I will try adding more coffee, less milk, and/or grinding it finer.

It works well either way. So far all of the coffees mentioned above are this way.

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  1. Jeff says:

    This morning I tried these beans as drip coffee with less milk (3oz instead of 4oz). Stronger. Much more satisfying.

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