Stumptown: Hair Bender – Review

These beans are not your usual espresso. They are a medium roast so you can taste the bean, not only the roast. The bag claims citrus and dark chocolate tastes. I don’t taste the citrus. Dark chocolate I can kind of see.

A wine bar I once frequented had a tasting class with samples that tasted and smelled like the commonly used descriptive words.

Ethiopian Sidamo has a lemony taste to me and I don’t particularly care for it, too thin and acid. Maybe I need to take a tasting class to find out what “citrus” in the context of coffee tastes like. Not all Sidamo tastes like this to me. Or Sidamo isn’t what I think it is. Sidamo is a variety/cultivar, a region, and a people. I think of it as a variety grown in the region. The Sidamo people grow a lot of varieties.

The back of the bag describes it as complex. I would say complex like the herbaceous Chinese medicinal teas.

It is good in lattes and brewed coffee.

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