Mad Priest: Dark Night of the Soul – Review

Mad Priest is a coffee roaster in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Publix market near me has an end cap with Tennessee’s Best. I found Dark Night of the Soul there. There was also a breakfast blend, Sloth Dispelling Breakfast Blend. Dark Night of the Soul is a dark roast. so I made a latte with it. It was lousy. I checked reviews on their Website. No mention of espresso drinks. Most reviewers drank it black. Black coffee is hard on my stomach if I drink it all the time. I tried making it as a brewed coffee (using a Clever Coffee Dripper, essentially French Press with a paper filter) and adding non-dairy milk and creamer (vegan half and half). Much better. Dark Night is a good everyday coffee. It $13.99 for a 12oz bag, a bit more than Starbucks’ brewed coffee roasts, typically $11.99 for a 12oz bag. Siren’s Blend is the only Starbucks brewed coffee roasts I enjoy. Dark Night is similar, but a bit darker.

Mad Priest does make a roast for espresso Matriarchal. I’ll have to order from the roaster or pickup some next time we are in Chattanooga.

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