8&Roast: Sunflower espresso blend

8&Roast is a local (Nashville) coffee roaster. They have a number of seasonal and year-round blends and single origin varietals. Sunflower is year round, but the blend changes. The current blend is 50% pulped natural from Brazil, 25% washed from Guatemala, and 25% natural Ethiopia. From their customer contact, “This changes seasonally, but we always have a natural from Brazil or Ethiopia (or both) in this blend. In the near future, we’ll move to a 50% natural Brazil, 25% washed Guatemala, and 25% washed Costa Rica that is really fruity and sweet and will bring the same vibe to the espresso.”

To my taste this is a dark medium in the Italian style with a hint of the crushed ivy smell. It’s not as strong as most other Italian espressos, but stronger than Lavazza.

Natural (dried with the coffee cherry on it) coffee does not agree with me. Usually it’s my GI tract that complains. This made both my wife and I have terrible brain fog. I will give this away or throw it away.

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