Mean Mug: Espresso

Mean Mug is four coffeehouses and a coffee roaster in Chattanooga TN. Publix in Nashville carries the espresso beans on an end cap of Tennessee products. My bag listed Brazil, Guatemala, and Tanzania beans. The cupping notes I remember are: cacao nibs and lemon-lime. We can smell and taste the lemon-lime. Almost all coffee tasting notes mention chocolate in some form. Their Website lists different countries and cupping notes for the current bags. They have a half dozen coffee beans for drip coffee on their Website. Espresso is the only beans I have seen in Nashville.

This is a medium roast Italian style espresso blend. It is the sweetest and has the most depth of flavor of any beans yet. There is no bitterness. My wife normally adds 1/4 tsp of light brown sugar to her espresso drinks. She doesn’t add any sugar to these. However, it is also the mildest (least bold, meaning least dissolved coffee solids). My solution is to cut the milk to a cortado (equal amounts of espresso and milk). For drip and cold brew, I increase the amount of beans and also cut the milk. It makes good drip and cold brew as well as espresso.

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