Lavazza: Espresso Italiano

This is nice coffee, but mild. It is sweet like the Mean Mug beans but not as strong and not as distinct tasting notes. This is the first beans I’ve encountered that is visibly a blend, not all beans are roasted the same darkness. The Mean Mug is only three kinds of beans. This probably has more. The bag describes it as “Aromatic and Velvety” and Intensity 5/10. I am unclear whether that is how dark a roast or some other measure. The bag indicates it is “ideal for” Mr. Coffee style coffee makers, what appears to be a Neapolitan coffee maker, French Press, and espresso machines.

My wife and I both prefer stronger coffee than this. I can’t add more coffee in espresso drinks unless I go to a double shot and a single shot. Too much work. With brewed coffee and cold brew, I can easily add more coffee, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. This isn’t bad coffee. I won’t be throwing it away. Just not our favorite. Like Mean Mug, it may be best as cold brew.

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