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Policing by Consent

Most police departments in the United Kingdom use the 9 Principles of Policing (authorship attributed to Robert Peel without evidence). It is about policing by consent. In the United States, many police departments have been moving towards the military model … Continue reading

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Decency in Politics

I read David Brooks’ column in the New York Times because he brings a new slant to the conversation. I know almost nothing about Marianne Williamson, a Democratic candidate for President. She is not one of the front runners. Just … Continue reading

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Poetry and Politics

Poetry has always had a connection to politics. Much of the Hebrew prophets are recorded in poetry. In an interview with poet Michael Astrue, politically conservative, who goes by the pen name “A.M. Juster” he cites “For the Student Strikers” … Continue reading

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My Daily Cup of Coffee

It’s not just my daily cup of coffee. In the early days of chemo, I promised my wife I would tell her that I loved her, she was beautiful, that I’d make her coffee, and be silly everyday. The first … Continue reading

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The Second Mountain

David Brooks writes a column for the New York Times. He describes himself as a conservative and a Republican. Here in Texas, those labels in the news have been co-opted by small-minded, mean-spirited, xenophobes trying to out do each other … Continue reading

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Original vs. Unique

Annie Neugebauer does such a wonderful job of explaining the difference between original and unique, I’m going to just link to her post of the same name, Original vs. Unique. They are not the same and the distinction is important … Continue reading

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The red oaks are still robed in their green and red glory as we approach Christmas. The hackberry stands quiet in its winter bareness. I do not know the tree with tiny leaves that remain green all winter. Here on … Continue reading

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The fish and chips on the table are an idea imported from England. The English had to wait for potatoes to emigrate from Peru, put down roots, acclimatize, settle in, assimilate. Tikka masala arrived later, a bank shot emigré from … Continue reading

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How Long & How

I can be compassionate for someone without wanting them to be president. I can want them gone from that position without pulling the trigger myself. I can want them gone and want the path to that end be right. There … Continue reading

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2020 Texas Poetry Calendar

My poem “Kent, TX” has been accepted for the 2020 edition of the Texas Poetry Calendar. I’m real proud of this one. It is expected to be published on July 1. The publisher, Kallisto Gaia Press, is good about doing … Continue reading

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