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One Coyote

     One Coyote There in the night, a coyote choir, perched atop the ring of cliffs, surrounding us, singing. How many? I cannot tell. Voices rising, falling, together. Oddly together. Coyote’s mask slips. One coyote sings to the cliffs … Continue reading

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Waco WordFest 2018 Anthology launch

My poem “One Coyote” was accepted for the 2018 Waco WordFest Anthology. The book launch is October 6, 7-9pm at the Waco Convention Center. The WordFest is part of the Waco ArtFest so there may be other events happening there. … Continue reading

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Three Bookmark Journal

Like most writers, I carry around a notebook for ideas, first drafts, Morning Pages, and the occasional class assignment. I bookmark my progress filling pages. Later I edit and rework on the computer. A bookmark marks the next draft needing entry. … Continue reading

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Mindfulness Is/Isn’t

Recently I read somewhere, “Mindfulness is heart, mind, and body in the same place.”  It sounded good at the time and I understand the intent, but it isn’t wearing well with time. On reflection, I think it sets the bar … Continue reading

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Old joke: God came to a Russian man and offered him one wish, whatever he wanted.  Before the man could speak, God cautioned him, “Whatever you ask for, I’ll give twice as much to your neighbor.  The man thought carefully … Continue reading

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Sixer Prompts

In one of my writing groups, someone brought a prompt she described as a sixer, a story in six words: “Iris bloom around steps, house gone.”  From it I wrote a very good poem that is making the submission rounds. … Continue reading

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Cohen and Hayes

I’ve been reading Terrance Hayes’ American Sonnet for my Past and Future Assassin and listening to Leonard Cohen’s songs, particularly Hallelujah and Suzanne. Some of the sonnets are relentless, pedal to the metal all the way, though there’s always some breathing in them, between … Continue reading

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Coping vs. Change

Several traditional Buddhists have criticized mindfulness training.  At first this seems a bit odd, but reading the whole critique explains the problem they have.  It wasn’t mindfulness practice per se, it is mindfulness only as a way to cope with … Continue reading

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Prophecy by Pauli Murray

Powerful 1969 poem by Pauli Murray, still relevant. I sing of a new American Separate from all others, Yet enlarged and diminished by all others. I am the child of kings and serfs, freemen and slaves, Having neither superiors nor … Continue reading

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The gatekeepers have stopped the barbarians at the gate. They guard access to empty pews. The horde demanding entrance is empty too. Who are the gatekeepers for: botanicals (e.g. quinine) religious images (e.g. kachina dolls) recipes (e.g., chitlins, gumbo, pizza) … Continue reading

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