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The Hits Keep Coming

The next thing I read after You’ve got to be kind popped up in my RSS reader was Hating People is Easy. Loving Them Isn’t. Read to the end. Genesis B. is taking kindness into radical territory.

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You’ve got to be kind

The headline writers for MarketWatch have to be humble or have strong egos. The market moves after they write often falsifying what they wrote. Writing anything in a public place can be like that. The day after I wrote Kindness … Continue reading

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Grooks are haiku for scientists and engineers written in runes instead of ideo- or picto-grams. The term was coined by Piet Hein, a Danish poet, inventor, and scientist. My description is about as helpful as describing a haiku as a … Continue reading

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Kindness Forward

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. The Dalai Lama For those not as enlightened as the Dalai Lama and unwilling to wait for the results of thousands of hours of meditation, David Brooks has some suggestions in his … Continue reading

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Dystopias with Light Visible

Most of the Ursula LeGuin books I’ve read are dystopias, not unescapable darkness, but unsettling visions of possible futures or scenarios. The Word for World is Forest is a disturbing portrait of evil even more relevant in these days of … Continue reading

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Weighted Pros and Cons

Listing Pros and Cons (points for and against a decision) is familiar and I’ve used it many times. It forms a foundation under more sophisticated decision making techniques like modern versions of Ignatius of Loyala‘s discernment. Mostly when I’m done … Continue reading

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One Coyote

     One Coyote There in the night, a coyote choir, perched atop the ring of cliffs, surrounding us, singing. How many? I cannot tell. Voices rising, falling, together. Oddly together. Coyote’s mask slips. One coyote sings to the cliffs … Continue reading

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Waco WordFest 2018 Anthology launch

My poem “One Coyote” was accepted for the 2018 Waco WordFest Anthology. The book launch is October 6, 7-9pm at the Waco Convention Center. The WordFest is part of the Waco ArtFest so there may be other events happening there. … Continue reading

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Three Bookmark Journal

Like most writers, I carry around a notebook for ideas, first drafts, Morning Pages, and the occasional class assignment. I bookmark my progress filling pages. Later I edit and rework on the computer. A bookmark marks the next draft needing entry. … Continue reading

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Mindfulness Is/Isn’t

Recently I read somewhere, “Mindfulness is heart, mind, and body in the same place.”  It sounded good at the time and I understand the intent, but it isn’t wearing well with time. On reflection, I think it sets the bar … Continue reading

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