Build Yourself a Recovery Routine

A post from the Brooklyn to Mars blog.

Build yourself a recovery routine.  As artists, we can find ourselves being sucked into the void without a way out.  This is why so many have succumbed to the drink or worse.  We need to tether a line to the rock of reality before we dive into what we love most about this world — because you really can get lost in there if you’re not careful.  So build a recovery routine.  Sex, yoga, meditation, walking your dog, playing with your kids — these are all things that can bring us back to the real world and help us build energy for the next dive.  Without a routine for re-energizing, our attempts at greatness will be remembered as follies of the unequipped.  This scene is a marathon my friends — don’t kid yourself with sprinter shoes.

This is very similar to a list of practices Jack Kornfield gives for a student who overdosed on meditation (28 hours of seated meditation without moving). Interesting.

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