Carlos Santana on Music

Music is supposed to arouse your Holy Ghost that maybe you haven\’t been visiting lately.

I have a small amount of musical talent and a small amount of drive. I have watched a nephew with large amounts of both talent and drive try to make a living playing music. He has a degree in commercial music and nearly two decades experience. He also has a certain amount of leadership skill. After watching his senior recital, I watched him help a fellow student rehearse for her senior recital. Everyone looked to him to organize the session. He now is the permanent bass player for a band that tours nationally, on a bus, not in a van with a trailer. We are in his hometown for his younger brother\’s wedding. In conversation he confessed that the band is not playing enough dates to make him a living, so he is hanging on to his \”day\” job, running background checks.

So what I am expected to do with my small gifts? The truth of the above quote from Carlos Santana is finally sinking in. Music whether I am playing it, singing it, or just listening to it, invites the Spirit.

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