Charge to the Seeker

If when you go
  into the desert
    into the sweat lodge
      on a vision quest
        to drum or dance for days
          on pilgrimage to a far, distant shrine
And encounter the Sacred,
  receive a word, a vision
    face to face

If your first, unspoken, response
  is not: Oh! ... Shit!

Resume your quest
  for the Sacred is:
    more abundant
      more challenging
        more creative
          more different
than we, on our own
  can imagine.

Bring us more than we can imagine.
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One Response to Charge to the Seeker

  1. Jeff says:

    The “more” list near the end originally read: abundant, creative, different, challenging. This is the order in which we noticed the movement of the Sacred. God’s solution to a problem is more abundant and creative than anything we could have done on our own. Then we went through some hard times and are emerging into creative times with transformative times on the horizon.

    However, reading Meister Eckhart we noticed that it largely matched his Via cycle: Via Positiva, Via Negative, Via Creativa, and Via Transformativa, except for the order. So I changed the order to match his and it works.

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