Slight Change of Direction

This blog has been anonymous for a number of reasons. Those reasons are going away or gone. I was a programmer who wrote on the side for forty years. I’m now swapping those. I wrote articles for computer magazines (e.g., Byte, Dr. Dobb’s Journal) starting in the early 80s. Starting in the mid-90s, I also published poetry sporadically. I ceased writing for computer magazines ten years ago as I and they went different ways. At this point, I think they have all ceased publication.

As a programmer, I had a blog. Now this blog will also be about my publications on the Web and in print journals. It isn’t so much a change of direction as an addition of my writing outside this blog.

Most literary journals accept only unpublished works. They consider personal blogs to be publishing, so nothing I want to publish elsewhere will appear here first. Most journals buy “first rights” only. I can publish a poem here after it appears. Works that are on theme will be published here soon after they appear with a link to the “real” publication. I’ll post only recent ones, the last year or so. A full publication list will soon be added annd other things you’d expect on an author’s Website.

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