How God Intervenes

It’s important not to get sucked into identity politics. It’s about privilege, exclusion, and power. Neither the battle over who is favored nor apathy and inaction is the solution. The question then becomes, how do we improve the world, country, state, city, neighborhood? Walter Brueggemann speaks eloquently about such things. How God Intervenes, an interview with him by Kenyatta Gilbert in Sojouners magazine is a good entry point. The link leads to a teaser, but gives a taste. The full article is in the print magazine and on the Web for subscribers.  We read the library copy and photocopied to reread. Brueggemann speaks to the prophetic voice in all of us. I’m reading his book “Finally comes the Poet”. It has a number of important points that resonate with my experience, enlighten me, and point a way forward, following the path of Jesus and the best of the Hebrew prophets.  It also resonates or maybe parallels many other important teachings in other religions. He is a very good writer, which always helps.

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