Sixer Prompts

In one of my writing groups, someone brought a prompt she described as a sixer, a story in six words: “Iris bloom around steps, house gone.”  From it I wrote a very good poem that is making the submission rounds.

Recently I volunteered to bring a sixer prompt for today’s meeting. This morning I had not come up with one of my own, so I searched the Internet. Six Word Memoirs seems to be Sixer Central. I browsed through quickly and found four suitable prompts:

  • Careful shepherds. You are the wolf.
  • Blue in life’s bowl of cherries.
  • Healed. Almost. Who would have thought?
  • Dog dies tomorrow. My heart, today.

In two rounds of writing, the five of us covered all four at least once. A useful resource to start writing if I’m stuck for an idea or spark.

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