Austin – Curbside Service

Last week when we went to the HEB supermarket, they offered curbside service with all fees waived. We’ve now eaten all fresh fruit and vegetables in the house. It’s time to go again. Central Market (HEB’s premium brand) carries several things that we are out of and that no one else carries. Janelle signed up last night for curbside pickup, but there were no pickup slots available. This morning she tried again and the first available slot is April 4, nine days away. Not a plan.

This morning we had lattes, split a blueberry muffin, and drove down to Central Market around 9am. There was a short line outside and no one in the curbside pickup lanes. I grabbed some wipes and a cart, wiped it down front and back, and got in line. Janelle went to ask the line monitor what’s going on? They were letting shoppers in 5 at a time. Also it was the expected high traffic time and they didn’t want it and curbside service interfering with each other.

In five minutes, they let us in. People kept their distance and shopping was orderly with short waits at the meat counter. There were no obvious shortages. In a week we’ll try curbside service again. I expect they will find a better way to keep curbside pickup and in-person shopping from interfering.

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