Austin Lockdown – Cabin Fever

My wife, an extrovert, is going nuts during the lockdown. Shopping is our only face to face interaction with other people. Because of our age, various supermarkets will deliver, often for free. We understand the risk and appreciate the offers. Age is our only risk factor. Cabin fever is not a listed risk factor. Websites for seniors warn of the risks of declining social interaction.

Both extroverts and introverts are at risk for cabin fever. The signs are different and the risks are different. Extroverts hit their limits of isolation/solitude/loneliness sooner and more urgently. Introverts like me quietly go about our work that may not require much interaction with people. I can put together submissions to poetry journals all day and feel some sense of accomplishment. My wife, not so much. My previous career, programming, was the same way, though programming teams must communicate and e-mail is not always enough. Her previous careers required much more face to face communication.

This morning she complained she had nothing to do. I have a smartphone full of tasks to do, many at her request. So I said, “Now you have time to write.” She said, “Not alone.” After our walk in the park together, saying hello to the people, dogs, and plants, we will have a writing session together. Just after I get this poetry submission out 😉

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