Austin Lockdown – Days 2 & 3

Austin has slowed way down. Wednesday we went to the supermarket early to get staples that weren’t on the shelf the previous trip. This was in the middle of the morning rush hour. Normally, we only consider turning right out of the apartment complex, too much traffic. There was none in either direction. We did find everything except the almond milk. There was a limit of 4 rice items. I bought the last pre-cooked rice pack.

Thursday we again went to the supermarket early, a half hour after they open (2 hours after their usual opening so they could restock). Again no commute traffic and no almond milk on the shelf or in the dairy case. My wife asked one the people restocking. He found a pallet of it in the back and dropped several into the sloped shelves from the back for her to pull out. People are still buying cases of things (e.g. beans), but their carts aren’t filled to the brim. Shopping for the long haul, but little obvious panic buying. The pallet of Ozarka spring water half liters was full, which it wasn’t the day before.

In the last week or so, we’ve only eaten out once. Normally we eat out one meal a day, usually lunch. Our most common lunch place is Luby’s cafeteria. After we shopped and put everything away, I went on-line to order lunch to be picked up. The site worked well though I thought I was ordering fresh green beans and received canned green beans. I added a comment, the roasted chicken should be a leg and thigh (dark quarter). We received breast and wing, more meat and not over cooked this time. A good meal. While we were waited to be served, we saw people in the “closed” dining area getting food off the line to-go. We’ll do that next time, no surprises what we are getting. When I placed the on-line order, I was told it would be ready in 15 minutes. I received a text before we were out the door that it was ready (approx. 5 minutes). If we had picked out our order there, the food would have been 10 minutes warmer.

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