Coronavirus Good News – 100% Testing Key

Early on the fight against the coronavirus in Italy, the University of Padua did a study in the small town of Vo. The lockdown was enforced and everyone in town was tested, all 3300 residents. They found over half of those who tested positive were asymptomatic or only mildly ill. All people testing positive were quarantined. Within two weeks, there were no new cases. All people infected recovered. The full article is Do try this at home: how one Italian town fought coronavirus on Al Jazeera. I’m impressed by their coverage. Solid news without bashing anyone or grinding axes.

The BBC has a news story on another small town in Italy, Nerola, a hilltop town near Rome. It also is locked down and being studied. It came to the authorities attention due to an usually high rate of infections. No conclusions yet.

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