Textual vs. Graphical

I’m a visual learner. I’m more likely to remember something if I see if, text or pictures, than if I hear it. If I encounter a podcast, I look for the transcript. Occasionally, I’ll listen to the podcast if I think tone of voice is important. I write (text) rather than draw (graphics).

We donated to the Central Texas Food Bank recently instead of helping out at the food pantry, because of COVID-19 concerns (we both are over 65 and have had cancer). The food bank sent us a post card thanking us. The text side looks like this:

Okay, we helped a 100 families. That’s nice. I turned it over.

Wait, that’s different. I counted the vehicles, just over a hundred. Both sides say essentially the same thing, but the image has much more impact.

Two of my poems (the one still on the Web is here) have been published with a picture chosen by the editor(s). With the graphic, it has more emotional impact. Something to ponder.

Perhaps something to consider when submitting a poem. My drawing ability is poor and my standards are high. Practice, better tools, and some training would help. Maybe standards or expectations can be lowered without lowering the impact. Or I can find images to pair with my poem. Ekphrastic poetry (poetry written to a painting or other artwork) has this built in. A good poem with an adequate drawing may have more impact than the poem alone. Something to consider, play with, experiment.

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