A Conversation at the Gates of Hell

My recently published poem, “Conversation at the Gates of Hell,” is about a metaphorical conversation across the political/social/generational divide. “The odd friends: The young liberal and the elderly conservative” is wonderful story of an ongoing actual conversation across those divides. My key takeaway is this:

Our friendship and ability to discuss divisive topics hinges not on our differences, but on our similar approach to life. We both believe in treating others with respect. We both harbour a magnetic curiosity towards those who are different than us. I will always be a liberal. But I have learned it is not just liberals who dream of a better America. From my friendship with Richard, I have learned that Americans’ ideas on how to improve our country often take the shape of their wounds.

Meghan Beaudry

Meghan is the young liberal and wrote the article. The “conversation” takes place over several years. They are both in it for the long haul and for the conversation, not converting or defeating each.

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