2020 by the Numbers

2020 was a fairly productive year. The numbers are:

  • New poems worth typing in: 90
  • Submissions (average 3 poems): 65
  • Acceptances: 18
  • Unique poems accepted (one was accepted 3 places): 16
  • Published: 14

These are reasonable numbers. or the next year I’m aiming for:

  • More poems written.
  • More submissions outstanding; 2020’s goal was an average of 10 (met, though it fell below 10 at year’s end); this year’s goal is 15.
  • Submit to more journals that nominate for the Pushcart Prize and/or Best of Net (which probably means more rejections).
  • More “tiered rejections,” rejections that say something like, “It didn’t fit in this issue. Please submit again. We especially liked X.” Most journals have several levels of rejection from a generic “No thank you” or the worse, “Read our journal to understand what we publish.” I always read at least an issue before submitting. Until I understand what I did that they disliked, I don’t resubmit. The most recent was a journal I had been reading for well over a decade, longer than the tenure of the current editor.

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