Food Odyssey

Inspired by Gary Nabhan’s “Why Some Like It Hot”, I’m embarking on a search for what genetic factors are affecting my health, what my ancestors ate, and how I might change my diet to improve my health. From my reading and my experience, two principals have emerged so far:

  • Slow release carbohydrates – whole grains and starches.
  • You can’t get enough of what you don’t need – at first this sound nonsensical, then paradoxical. It contains wisdom I’m still mining over 20 years after I first heard it. Simple example: when I traveled I drank the hotel’s coffee, many cups full. At home, I drink good coffee and 2-3 a day are enough. 2-3 cups of hotel coffee leaves me wanting more. Now I carry Starbucks instant coffee. It’s good enough, 1 cup at breakfast is enough and I’ll have another cup or two of good coffee during the day.
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