Playing for Change | Song Around the World

Playing for Change is a channel on YouTube. There is a core band based in the USA that is on some songs. Most, especially those with the Song Around The World subtitle, are assembled from recordings made around the world. They are covers, mostly pop music (e.g. Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Honky Tonk Women). Performers range from street artists to established Western stars (e.g., Keith Richards, YoYo Ma). The musicianship is amazing, makes me weep.

The technology intrigues me. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many choirs and bands have gone virtual. Someone makes the basic recording and all the singers and musicians record their part (audio and perhaps video) while listening to the recording. Then the recordings are all mixed together. The organization has been doing this for a decade, long before the pandemic hit.

This is a fundraiser for music education with an eye towards social justice.

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