Hate is Addictive

At first, hate makes you feel big, strong, righteous. As most addictions do. And at first, you are a human being, with an addiction. But addiction is a path with a slippery slope and the easy way is down. If you aren\’t heading up, you\’re going down. More hate, more often. For less reward. Classic definition of an addictive substance. And so you progress from a human being with an addiction to being an addict. Hate consumes the human being and only hate remains. When you are so reduced, then evil comes easy. Only the addiction matters.

While addiction is a slippery slope, it is a two way path. You can climb back up, regain being a human being. In recovery. Having traveled that path, only a Road to Damascus experience can get you off it, onto another path. Being a human being in recovery is a sustainable place to be. But off it, the slope is slippery

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