Switching Off the Stress Response

Stress is a killer. Both my wife and I were recently at the doctors for infections. These were not isolated events. My wife\’s doctor took her aside after the exam, diagnosis, and prescription and asked, \”What\’s going on? These look like stress reactions.\” Well, they are. We are homeless (living out of a motel) and without jobs (switching careers or at least employers with some heavy consideration of unasked for retirement). I know about stress responses. And that meditation helps reduce stress response, both in frequency and intensity. But I didn\’t know it was possible to consciously switch off the stress response relatively quickly after it was triggered. Stress response on top of stress response is the real killer. Read The Ninety Second Sanity Pit Stop by Josh Korda, the teacher at Dharmapunx NYC + Brooklyn. I have increasing respect for him. Just wish he wrote more than one piece a month.

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