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Beautifully Broken

A blog post by one of my favorite writers, Austin Kleon, and a YouTube video by one of my favorite musicians, Warren Hayes keep banging up up against each other in my head/heart. The song is “Beautifully Broken”. The post … Continue reading

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Don’t Read Poetry, by Stephanie Burt

Back in the 80s, I lived and worked for a month outside London. Weekends and a few week nights I’d ride the train into Waterloo Station, hop on the Underground, ride part way, then walk the rest to a museum, … Continue reading

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The Bluebonnet Sutras

These wonderful sutras (Buddhist teachings) were written by Laurence Musgrove, English professor at Angelo State University. With no retreat centers or meditation teachers nearby, he documents his spiritual journey in original sutras, calling into dialogue the imagined persona of the … Continue reading

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Niebuhr on Preaching

I hope my preaching will comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Reinhold Niebuhr This was one of the meditations today in the worship service. It is catchy, memorable, and a nice play on words. I don’t like it for … Continue reading

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Hey Squirrel

Hey, squirrel You’re putting on weight Winter’s coming. First published at Once Upon a Crocodile. This is my first published haiku. I love the illustration they chose, an unexpected pleasure.

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As my practice deepens, my agenda deepens with it. What I do and what is off the table is key. For rank and file cloistered monastics this is not a question. A higher-up or the tradition decides when they rise, … Continue reading

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New Banner Picture

I’ve used a stock photo since starting this blog. The new photo is the Palisade Crest in the Sierra Nevada mountains taken by my brother.

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The Southern Cliff – a Bigger God

The above picture of the Southern Cliff in the Lagoon Nebula is from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) blog. It is beautiful and five light years high. From Earth it cannot be seen with the naked eye. The … Continue reading

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Poem in Two Voices

We have built a bridge dear. (You are in my heart.) We dance in a circle, (round our secret that knows). No one sees the shared center we turn about. (We see what is not visible to others.) We saw … Continue reading

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Desperately Made Boats

“How could they go to sea in such flimsy craft?” Ruptured pontoon replaced by one of reeds. Motor with enough gas to carry them beyond small arms fire, trailing the smell of war. Joseph fleeing in the night with wife … Continue reading

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