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COVID-19 Who Gets Sick, Who Dies

I was curious about which age groups are seeing which outcomes. It took a while to track down the information. Age Group Population Cases Cases per 100K Inpatients Deaths Deaths per 100K 20-29 17% 404 190 8% 0 0 30-39 … Continue reading

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“Coyote 6” and “Coyote Vanishing” on Back Patio Press

Back Patio Press published “Coyote 6” and “Coyote Vanishing” today (May 5). Both are about the mythic Coyote, Trickster figure of the Southwest. Coyote is also slang for people who guide refugees across the border. “Coyote 6” is also about … Continue reading

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Order & Chaos

These are two heavy duty words. My definition of order for the purposes of this essay is predictability. In an orderly world, actions have predictable results, not necessarily the same every time, for example, the result of throwing dice is … Continue reading

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Six Questions For …

As I look for new places to submit my work, the Six Questions For … blog is helpful. Every week Jim Harrington posts an interview with the editor(s) of a literary journal. The last question is always, “What one question … Continue reading

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Travis COVID-19 Updates Page

I’ve moved the Travis County COVID-19 charts to their own page. Link under the picture.

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Nick Cave on Prayer

A Prayer to who? is the most powerful thing I’ve read on prayer. Requires no belief except the possibility that prayer will change something, perhaps ourselves.

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COVID-19 in Travis County, Update

Below is the chart from COVID-19 in Travis County, updated with data though today, April 22, 2020. Additional data series have been added: New case (raw data point), EMA (smoothed new cases), Inpatients (hospitalizations), ICU, and patients on ventilators. The … Continue reading

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Corona Creatives – Austin History Center

The Austin History Center is soliciting materials for their “The COVID-19 Files: Austin Responds to a Pandemic” archives. Their archivists encourage you to keep a journal, write poetry, pen a script, draw or paint, start a video or audio blog … Continue reading

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Corona Creatives – Luchadors

Mexican professional wrestlers (luchadors) had to stop working after social distancing rules were instituted. Face masks are now compulsory in Mexico City and other parts of Mexico. Coronavirus: Mexican wrestlers sew Lucha Libre face masks tells of their creative response … Continue reading

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C-19 Pandeme

In a recent open mic, Geoffrey Hall, an Austin poet, proposed a new poetry form, C-19 pandeme: 100 words in 19 lines. He read two fine examples. C is the Roman numeral for 100. Pandeme is not an English word. … Continue reading

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